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Charles Murati - Owner/Founder, Business Development - Managing Director

Charles Murati is the founder and Business Development Executive with limelon. The idea for Limelon resulted from Charles' experience in online shopping, social networking, advertising web-based solutions, and from his belief that the World Wide Web is one of the dominant source of commerce, communication, and marketing for business. Prior to that role, entrepreneur Charles Murati served as sales executive in the UK, United States, and Asia where he led various teams that developed and executed the expansion of hardware & software solutions. Murati holds a law university degree, in the field of criminology. Charles also owns university degrees, in computer science, and international commerce.

Julie Vera Stanley - Marketing Communication Manager - Managing Partner

Julie brings over 8 years of integrated marketing experience to Limelon Advertising, Co. Julie Stanley served as the Marketing Manager for SalesClick Group, overseeing all aspects of marketing including Public Relations, branding, traffic acquisition, corporate promotion, direct marketing, and business journalism.

Ray Bashir - Customer Relations Manager - Managing Partner

Ray comes from a sound retail business background, and is our customer relations specialist. His 15 years of management experience and general business knowledge have also proven him to be a contributor to Business Development and Marketing.